Thursday, July 15, 2010


NOTE: (5 August 2010--Digi removed; If you'd like this image, without the watermark, e-mail me at: and tell me the name of my digi.)

Hello, Everyone:

Today is the beginning of a new endeavor for me!

First, let me tell you a little about me: I am a Christian, Mother, Wife, thrilled Granny, retired, and a Colon Cancer Survivor!

I enjoy my Family, my church (Lightwood church of Christ), traveling in our RV, and my crafts. My hobbies include: lots of handmade cards; some scrapbooking; drawing, painting--mostly acrylic, watercolor, and pencils; and stamps. My talented Daughter-in-Law, Joscie, got me involved several years ago in scrapbooking and stamps (she is a Stampin' Up rep). I love stamps--have hundreds to prove it and still use them most every day.

Now the newest: Digital stamps!!! Oh, boy!!!! Now I can expand my crafting--much to my husband's chagrin. (But he has his hobbies, too).

At the top of today's post, is my first(published) Digital Design. Please, if you like/don't like, leave me your comments (constructive will always be welcome). Also, I'd love to see any art project you make using my Designs so please link back to your project.

Since Digital Stamp are so new to me, they may be to you, too. SSSSOOOOOO....

Here is a SHORT tutorial on how to get a Digi from my site, and most other digital sites, to your project:

1. Click on the digital image. The screen will change and the Digi will become larger.

2. Then right click on the larger image and 'SAVE AS' the digi to a folder in your computer. This saves the picture in its full size. If you right click on the image before you open it up larger, you will just save a small thumbnail image.

3. The Digi is now saved in your computer.

4. The Digi can be sized to fit your project by clicking on it; a 'box' will appear around the Digi. Go to a 'corner' of the outlined digi and drag to decrease/increase its size.

5. Print the Digi using your printer either to cardstock or paper.

6. If you use any of my images in your artwork and post it on your website, please give me [] credit on your artwork This way someone else will discover my site.

7. You are now "Hooked on Digis!" Guaranteed! Enjoy your journey!



  1. Hi Hun,
    Just wanted to wish you all the very best with your new venture! I'm moving house soon, and sadly most of my craft stuff is packed away. But once I manage to make use of your image I will be sure to post on my blog and link it back to you.

  2. really think I can use this and it's very cute. I'm a retired high school teacher.