Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi, All: Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We sure did. In fact, we still are enjoying. We had almost an inch of rain--the only rain we've had in almost 2 months. And, today. it's still in the low 80's. Yes, I said 80! We have the doors and windows open and are enjoying the cool breezes blowing.

Wayne is so excited about the cool weather; he got seeds from the Co-Op to plant a 'fall garden'--radishes, turnips and mustard. He is anxious to get started. He has been plowing our garden off and on all summer and spraying it to keep the weeds at bay. (we didn't have a summer garden this year--remember, we travelled instead!).

Now, for me. As you see, I haven't 'been online' in a week. I dropped my laptop right on the corner. And, of course it was the corner where the plug was located. Yes, you guessed--the fall broke the little circuit card inside. Thought Wayne could fix it, but nope, it needs new parts; and Sager is not returning our phone calls. Hopefully today!!!It's like my right arm is missing--when I'm not posting digis, I'm doing research for new ones. I don't like using our desk computer but I finally decided today I 'had to'! So, here I am!

Earlier this summer when we took our 7-week RV trip out west, we stayed in Pocatello, Idaho, for almost a week. While in the area, we went up to the Shoshone-Bannock Reservation and visited their museum. A wonderful, knowledgeable, beautiful Native American lady, Rosemary, was the curator at the museum. The museum was great--so if you're ever in that area of Idaho--put the museum on your 'must see list'! Also, be sure to get 'fry bread'---delicious, delicious (with honey)!

Since fall and Thanksgiving will be here before long, the two Native American children, Three Feathers and Five Flowers, are my digis for today. Hope you can use them on some of your fall cards.