Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi, All:

We're back (but most of you didn't even know we were gone)--just a very short, quick trip. (No! no RV this time--just a car trip) I had a dentist appointment yesterday and while we were relatively close, i.e. still in Alabama, we decided to visit Wayne's family before my afternoon appoitnment. Then after the dentist, on to Abbeville to see some of my folks. My brother had knee surgery Tuesday and my Aunt across the road is 93; we did a quick visit with them and right back home today. We didn't get to see my favorite neice and nephew because we were expecting a bulky FED EX delivery. But, as you would guess, we got home in time but the delivery didn't come today. That's the way it alweays seems to be!

Anyway, too much about me! For the digi above: This is one of my Christmas designs for some of my Christmas cards. I'm including the digi, both with and without the verse, I'm using for the front of my cards. Inside my cards: "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. MERRY CHRISTMAS" Your choice for which digi!

My goal is to start on my cards THIS WEEK! I'll be posting more of my Christmas designs as I do more of my cards. In between, I'll still be posting more FALL/Thanksgiving designs.

Hope you get inspired to start your cards early, too!



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