Monday, February 14, 2011


Hello, Everyone:

Did all of you have a good Valentine's Day today? We did--my wonderful husband took me out to lunch at Dairy Queen (I had a Turtles Blizzard---YUM! YUM!) Then afterwards, for a 'day out on the town'-- to Dollar Tree then on to Wal-Mart (my two favorite s1tores). He even PAID at Wal-Mart. (NOTE: Also, He had a romantic, beautiful V Day Card leaning up against the coffee pot that he had fixed for me. And, he got me a flat screen TV for the bedroom [after I mentioned last week that I couldn't see the writing on the TV Guide Channel anymore]. I've got a great one!)

When we got home with all my wonderful crafting goodies, I immediately started on my challenge cards--all going out to Card Cupids. And, speaking of Card Cupids: Did you all take the Card Cupids Appreciation Blog Tour? It started this past Saturday morning early and ends today. I have had a great time and met so many kind, caring folks too! If you missed it, maybe they'll be having another one before too long. Go on over to their website []to find out about this great organization. You won't be disappointed.

Now for Digi #73. Thought I'd give you a St. Patrick's Day Digi, and you can get a head start. It's a simple one but cute, too? I'll be showing some cards using Digi #73 soon--and maybe even post another St. Paddy's Day Digi. Keep visiting to see.

Enjoy your week and blessings.


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  1. This is great. Thank you.
    It sounds like you're enjoying you new goodies.
    Happy Valentine's Day (a day late.)