Sunday, July 10, 2011


Earlier I mentioned my First Year Anniversary and posting my 100th Digital Design. Well, don't give up---I promise it will come later this week!

We're still vacationing in Hawaii; spending lots of time just looking at our son, DIL and the 2 Grands [and playing some too] trying to store up enough memories to last until our next visit. In fact, as I'm typing this, the youngest [Jordan] and Pop are playing hide-and-seek with 4 Lego-men [the Lego-men are each about 1/2 inch long]. Jordan is hiding them and Pop's job is to find them. But, if Pop finds one too quickly, Jordan tells Pop that 'HoneyBear" is guarding that particular place and Pop can't look there. Both are making lots of wonderful noise and having great fun! Joy! Joy!

I've been looking through all my unpublished digitals and couldn't find exactly the one to be my 100th digitial design. So this morning I drew just the right one. Later this week I'll get it scanned and published. Also I'll show you a sneak-peek of my 1st Anniversary prizes for one [or two] of my visitors/followers who leave a comment. Stop by often to check out what's upcoming.

Thank you all again for coming by to visit. YOU make my blog a success!

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