Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Digi #151 "Dad's 'Pair' of Socks" came about last week when I was folding the laundry--And, if you EVER fold laundry, you know the rest of this story. Yes, this was the 'pair of my husband's socks' that was left at the end of my folding--one was his white every day sock and the other is one of his Sunday socks--this happens almost every wash day. How about you--does the washing machine 'eat' your socks too???

Decided I'd draw this digi as a "Father's Day" digi. But, if you'd like it without the sentiment, just leave me your e-mail address in your comment or send me an e-mail with the subject DDD #151 and I'll send it out to you.

Here is one of my cards made with DDD #151:

Enjoy your week and bessings!

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