Wednesday, June 6, 2012



I drew this digi because I have such fond memories of my Sister Tommye. She always had a cup of coffee close at hand--it didn't have to be hot either [we're a lot alike--or I like to think we are!] She died in 1978 when she was only 51 years old of a brain tumor. I tell you this--not for sympathy or sadness--but just to let you know a little about her: She has an LPN and was back in college to be an RN--she was a wonderful, caring nurse. Anyway, long-story-long: I think she always drank coffee because of her rotating shifts and studying her college courses. She was also a loving Mother of 3 grown kids and 3 grand kids which were the apples of her eyes! Anyway, Digi #154 is HER perculator--but, there is one error: Last week my best-est buddy visited and I was printing her off this digi and she said, "I had one just like this, too--except mine was not electric--mine made coffee on the stove-top". [Click: she 'fixed my memory'--Sister Tommye's was not an electric perculator either!]. Oh, well, since my digi was 'from my memory' it has a cord! Hope you enjoy it anyway.

This is the card I made with Digi #154:

Oh, yes: Since I'm being 'wordy' today, I'll tell and show you the rest:

Look at these beautiful [huge] blackberries my wonderful husband picked at a friend's house--and they're 'seedless'--well, they have a very few seeds--just enough to be like 'blackberries'.

Oh, by the way, my wonderful 'hubby' had a reason to get the blackberries: Blackberry is his favorite pie and his favorite jam! Guess who'll do that! Here's the one I made him today [I know, you think all I do is draw digis/post on blog and make cards--but you are 'a little' wrong!

Have a blessed [& sweet]week,


  1. I love the digi Diane. The sentiment goes great with it. The blackberry pie looks delicious - hope your hubby enjoyed it.... Hugs, Suze

  2. i agree with suze:)
    thank u for the digi and i might "borrow" your sentiment too:)
    omgoodness your pie looks soooooooo yummy. if i was visiting you i would love for you to offer me a slice of that beautiful pie and a big ol cup of coffee! thanks for being the sweet heart that you your blog.

  3. Great digital, Diane... Thanks so much for sharing your work. And your pie looks absolutely delicious!!

  4. Thank you for the freebie. Reminds me of visiting my Grandma's. :) Seemed like everyone in the little town would come out to visit my grandparents farm and have a cup of coffee and mexican pastries. Would have been great with that beautiful pie. Thanks for sharing your work and your memories of your wonderful sister. Norma W