Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DDD #195 - "Let's Play Golf"


Digi #195 - "Let's Play Golf" was drawn this weekend while I was watching the Players Golf Tournament from somewhere in Florida [I think???]. I don't play golf but I like watching it onTV [with a nap in the middle].

Here is the card I made with DDD #195. It's for my son for Father's Day [and he does play golf]. I'm trying this year [well, at least for now] to decorate all the sides of my cards. One of the designers, Mian, on our Design Team over at Simply Create Too decorates her entire card and they are always so beautiful. [Why not go over and take a look?--I've made it very easy--just click on Simply Create Too or click on Mian to see her beautiful blog.] Anyway, here's all sides of my card:

[Front of my Card]

The left side digiis from; on the right side is my design]

[Back] I created all of this collage with digis from except my DDD tag which, of course is my design. One of the entries in Challenge #37 at Simply Create too did one similar so I 'card-lifted' her idea.

Blessings. Thanks for visiting, please drop by again soon!


  1. A fantastic card for a your son! Cute drawing too!

  2. Thank you for the golfer digi. I don't play golf either but both my father and brother do and my son plays occasionally so this will be very useful.

  3. Great golfer - thanks so much - especially with Fathers Day coming up

  4. Thanks, Diane. This is a great image!