Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Do you remember in grade school when CocaCola would send schools free red CocaCola pencils and wooden 12" rulers with the "Golden Rule" along the length? It was such a treat for all us kids, and also one of my fondest memories of grade school.

Do you think kids today would be excited to get a red pencil and a wooden ruler????

My Digi #209 - "The Golden Rule" is a representation of that ruler. When I started this digi, I thought it would be 'quick & easy" to draw----wrong! It was NOT 'easy nor quick' to get the marks evenly spaced--so if they're not, please forgive.

This is the card I created using DDD #209. I kept it simple so the ruler would be the main focus. And, as always my entire card is finished.



Do kids today know "The Golden Rule"????????


  1. Not sure what "Grade School" is but I don't ever remember getting free rulers or pencils here in New Zealand! I remember wooden rulers though at school - nowadays they all seem to be plastic or the flexible plastic ones that don't break but can't rule a straight line either!

  2. We did not get the free rulers but we used the wooden ones and I also have the wooden ones in my classroom years back when I taught one year of elementary school - 6th grade - then I moved to junior high and high school - which was where I belonged! LOL This looks like hard work to make the ruler - you did a good work on it!

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