Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow in central Alabama & DDD #227 & DDD #227-1 - "HAPPY HEARTS"

We have a wonderful sight Tuesday afternoon-- SNOW SNOW SNOW--it's rare indeed here in central Alabama--still falling with even more expected later and tonight--this is taken looking out across our yard. I can just hear all the folks more northern than us saying, "Ha! That's not snow--let us show you what snow is!"

Good day for crafting:
digi removed.


DDD #227 - "Happy Hearts" was VERY EASY to draw. But then I wanted to create a 'card front' to make it EASY for you to create your cards. I drew only one heart, scanned it, reversed it etc., then typed 'happy' inside them; saved them--and then the FUN began. It took me about 5 hours to get the 'card front' just right. I knew I wanted to make a stylized checkmark with hearts alternating one way then the other way--and that was the problem. I'd get one correct, then the spacing would be off on the next. OH, WELL!!!! I've also created 'a blank' card inside. YOU decide the sentiment, i.e. Valentine's Day, Birthday or Every Day.

Here's a card for a female using my "Happy Hearts" digis:

[CARD INSIDE] The sentiment: "Happy February to You"

This is my card for a male using DDD #227: The sentiment inside [not shown]is "Happy Birthday to You"

On both these cards, I VERY LIGHTLY chalked the hearts [pink for female ; red for male cards]--I didn't want to obscure the "Happy" in each one--hardly shows at all in the pictures.

Many, many thanks for visiting, drop by again soon!


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    1. Enjoy, Suze--have a fun week

      Enjoy, Suze--have a fun week--

  2. Yep - you got that right sister - I live in Michigan and we have SNOW! Tons of it and very very cold weather - it has been so cold that church even closed for 3 or more days and Wednesday Night services are closed tonight - but I totally understand when snow hits a southern state - it is amazing - but we have an amazing God - and HIS surprises are a gift! Have a lovely day and thanks for the cute background digitals! Happy Crafting! Gail

  3. Thanks for sharing both the picture and your work... Not sure where in MI Gail is from, but we don't have nearly as much snow in my area as she has had... although we have certainly had the cold temps and schools have been closed for four days now... we expect to head back tomorrow! Stay warm and safe, Diane!

    1. Hi, Danielle--our schools here in our county have been out for the past 3 days, but the Grandsons go back tomorrow and our Wed night church was cancelled last night too--thank you for leaving your comment.

  4. Thanks for sharing the photo. Yes, you got more than the little dusting we got in our corner of North AL....just a little dusting.

    Good work on those're very patient to have worked five hours. I can imagine the spacing.

  5. Hey, congrats on your snow! We are still waiting here in Germany...

  6. thanks, Maria: we still have snow here in the shaded area and it's cold [in the teens] but we have sunshine and it will probably melt today. have a great weekend and thank you for dropping by.


  7. I love the shape direction of the hearts.
    Please don't send any snow our direction. We are quite content with our mid-70s.