Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DDD #241 - "The Sweet Smell of Morning Coffee"

digi removed.

One of the best smells for me is awaking each morning to the aroma of coffee brewing. Of course, now-a-days the coffee pot doesn't look like this digi, but in 'earlier days' we did have a white one with blue flowers that plugged in and looked just like this---sweet memories! Enjoy Digi #241!

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  1. Thanks Diane. I don't drink coffee but I do love to look at pretty coffee pots! Shame they don't make them like that any more.

  2. I agree Suze about the pretty pots. I drink enough for both of us--a whole pot full every morning! Every time I go to flea markets, yard sales, etc. I look for a coffee pot like this.
    have a great weekend!